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7 levels of learning python

Here are the seven levels of learning the python programming language:

  1. basic programming concepts
  2. absolute beginner in python
  3. beginner in python
  4. improve your python
  5. python coder
  6. develop python code
  7. advanced python
international student
international student
international student

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Mark A.

Man I love this channel thanks so much ur literally best of the best“, Feb 2023


“Dr. Codie, great job. Every topic is explained logically and deeply. Best Tutorial on YouTube”, “Thank you for the great tutorials on python.”


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Online Courses

Learn python on any of our courses on a wide range of platforms

Alps Academy

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Alps Academy

Courses specialized in providing simple to understand material to learn programming and other computer related areas.

This website also provides help with academic studies and English designed for International students

Python on YouTube

Dr Codie YouTube channel hosts a wide range of python tutorials.

python beginner student

python beginners

Choose the best tutorials that suit your level and learning style.

From the most gentle introduction of programming concepts with block programming to learning the first steps of python.

Choose what you want to match your needs.

students learning python

python coders

It is often difficult as there is not much offered to help learners to continue after the beginner stage.

There are several areas that you may find interesting and they will certainly improve your coding skills.

advanced python student

advanced python

There is such as wide range of benefits that python offers, it seems impossible to cover all of them.

In our teaching and research we specialize in natural language processing (NLP) for example.Python is great for machine learning, data science an d AI.